Quality requires time investment and care: our business cards our hand printed one by one using manual machinery. High precision and professional actions, as long as ink and paper quality are required in order to create a business card set, from assembly to packaging.

We hand cut and separate paper sheets on piles made by 100 cards. Our ancient print machinery are dated from 1880 to 1950, with no automatic sheet insertion, no engines, no electricity. Each business card is taken from a stack, pressed against a shape that contains characters, passed on the other hand and layed down on the work bench waiting to dry up for packaging and delivery.

The business cards are packed in two stacks, wrapped by flimsy paper straps and arranged inside a cardboard box that keeps them dry and tidy. The cardboard box, closed and tied, is contained inside a wooden box with a red lid, inspired by guns box used for duels in the Twenties. This box is closed with screws and sealed with twine rope and plumb seals.

The discreet luxury of these business cards, once you open the box, will leave you breathless.

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